Favourite Things

This page is just for fun. Here are a few of my favourite things…


seed savers exchange

Awesome Heirloom Seeds. I find ultra-fresh veg right out of the ground much easier to digest than veggies bought from grocery stores. And heirloom tomatoes sit far better on my stomach than store-bought.


Though I don’t know him, this guy is one of my favourite people. He shared his water with an injured koala while fighting wildfires in Australia.


The Hope For Wildlife Society

Connecting people to wildlife in a positive way – through knowledge and understanding – the Hope for Wildlife Society believes that education through rehabilitation is the key to a sustainable future.

You may have seen the television series that details the day-to-day operations of this society and rescue centre on the Knowledge (K:) network. These folks operate out of Nova Scotia, and watching their hard work and dedication (not to mention the rehabilitated animals) just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.



An Idiot Abroad is my secret guilty pleasure. Karl is just…silly. And sometimes I just need silly. People fighting CDiff need LOTS of silly to keep things in perspective 🙂



The Landreth Seed Company. Heirloom, self-pollenating, non-gm seeds. Just good stuff. And willing to ship to Canada. http://www.landrethseeds.com/


You know all those hours we fighters and survivors spend in the bathroom, or lying prone in bed due to pain? This is my #1 way to take my mind off the pain, especially when trying to go to sleep at night. An escape from reality is sometimes exactly what I need, so I go here for most of my audiobooks. They have a large book selection and fairly affordable prices. Usually good quality recordings, too. These audiobooks are awesome if you’ve got a serious book addition but chronic fatigue and easily-strained eyes, like I do.  www.audible.com


This is another one of my favourite people. Props to my friend Yual C. for finding this.


News, Petitions, Actions, Success updates: this is just a site that makes you feel darn good, and lets you make a little difference in the world even if you’re stuck at home in bed.



One thought on “Favourite Things

  1. I love this page and I also love Karl from “An Idiot Abroad.” I also went to the “Care2” page and signed a bunch of petitions. This (Steampunkpaleo) is great website!

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