Monthly Archives: June 2012

Wish Me Luck!

Well…things have been getting worse. Much worse. The swelling in my abdomen doesn’t go down at night anymore. I’m swelling so badly now, it’s actually pulling the vertebrae in my spine out of place and depressing my breathing. Food has become a daily torture, although Balkan-style yoghurt sweetened with a little honey seems to be agreeing with me – much more than the probiotic pills I was taking. And I’m anemic and exhausted – sleep does not come easily at night. Sooo I’m actually really looking forward to the gastroscopy scheduled for me in early July. The good surgeon plans to take a lot of biopsies from my stomach, and to have a good look around. Here’s hoping I get some answers!!!

In the meantime, I have a new appreciation for just how hard the paleo lifestyle can be for those who are in poor health. Cooking for myself has become almost impossible. Raw fruits and veggies can slay me. And meat – don’t even get me started. I’m craving meat like crazy (probably because of the anemia) but can’t move for two days after I eat it.

Bridget the dog is doing wonderfully, though, and is enjoying the yoghurt binge and insists on having a little every time I do. Her tiny form is currently lying on its back, on the floor, with all four legs in the air and her ears splayed out beside her head. She’s dozing. We’re having our first really warm day of the summer and I haven’t given B her summer haircut yet, poor thing. She knows something is wrong with her mum, and has been content to stay by my side in bed on the days I can’t get up, bless her.

Anyway, just thought I’d post an update. Cheers!