Monthly Archives: March 2013

Wish Me Luck

I have my very first appointment with my new doc tomorrow. I’m really scared she’s gonna want to redo the scopes (definitely not a fan of scopes). If the phrases “I don’t know what to tell you” and “You’ll just have to learn to live with the pain” or “Good luck with that” pop up in our conversation (as they did the last time I saw a general surgeon) I’m firing this doc and finding another one. Somebody, somewhere has to have a clue about this. I am a willing guinea pig, but not one doctor has been willing to experiment with my case. Here’s hoping this doc will take a chance on me!


A Discovery, A Move, & A Lamp

A Lamp:

Well, I’ve been using my TDP lamp and I can report back that it does help with pain relief. Not sure whether things are healing, or micro-circulating, or trace-element-absorbing, but it does do a lot for the spasms. Patience is required, though – I feel best after I’ve used it for at least 20 min. at a time.

A Discovery:

My latest discovery is the wonder of peppermint-and-oregano oil enteric capsules. Get a strong concentration, make sure the capsules are filled with oil (not the dried herbs) and make sure it says “enteric” so it opens up near or in the small intestine. Then, take before meals and when you’re feeling really rough, and enjoy relief from nausea, intestinal inflammation and stomach-ache. The only disclaimer: both oils act as anti-bacterial agents, so take your probiotic supplements at a different time.

And A Move:

Yup, I moved. No more North for me, I flew South for 5106 kilometers (or 3173 miles) in search of doctors, treatments, and kinder climates. So my first appointment with my new doctor is on April 1st. And while I’m enjoying the benefits of living in small-town-Canada, I’ve got access to several of Canada’s major medical centres complete with testing and treatment facilities, all within a 4-hour drive. I’m ready to start the circus again (you just know a new doctor will want to redo all the tests I’ve already had) and hopefully I’ll get somewhere this time. Even if my diagnosis is “complications arising from previous infection with C.Diff”, treatment options for those complications are much more accessible. The idea of a temporary stoma is being thrown around, which I don’t relish, but whatever gets me healed, right?!? Oh, and the steady circadian rhythm here in the South is helping my immune system reboot, and I’m feeling ever-so-slightly less exhausted, so make sure to get your sunshine, people!