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My All-Natural Flash-Freezer

Here in the far North, we make good use of the outdoors, even when we can only stand to be physically outside our doors for a few seconds at a time. The “Deck Freezer” has been a long-standing tradition in our family. Recently, however, when the temperature dropped to -40 celsius, our “Deck Freezer” turned into a “Flash Freezer”. Below is a picture of a batch of “The Mock Turtle’s Soup” (see the Recipe page) being flash-frozen. I had to use oven mitts just to handle the tray, once the soup was frozen, and I had to de-frost the containers a little before I could put them in our big chest freezer, as they somehow developed about a 1/2 inch of frost on top of the lids, though it wasn’t snowing. Also, when I brought the chair into the house, one of the lower rungs snapped from being too brittle due to the cold. Poor chair. It’s been through a lot.