Monthly Archives: July 2013

Scared of Relapse

Really, really worried I’m relapsing. Have had D for two weeks, and seems to be slowly getting worse. Only seem to have it about 3-6 times per day, so not 20-25, like when my last CDiff bout was at its worst. Getting massive headaches, though, which is what the CDiff toxins to do my head. Really worried. Have an appointment tomorrow with a new doctor – going to ask for a CDiff test kit. Please, god, let it be giardia or a flu or something…


How Many CDiff Stories?

Well, between this blog and our CDiff Forum (click for links) we have collected 32 personal CDiff stories. I think that’s kind of amazing. We’ve all fought this battle feeling alone, and now 32 of us have not only the support of our loved ones, but of each other. Yay for us! To blog and forum perusers and visitors who’ve not become members, please become a member and keep the stories coming! Together, we’re making a positive difference in each other’s lives.


Thank you to: Michael, Jenn, Nancy, Anna, KBaker, Rhonda W, Lynn, Lisa, Ria, Debby, Patty, Karen M, Jane, Chris, Judi, Gerry, Pat, Krista W, Mike, Chelsea, Don J (who shared his mother’s story), VI, Tara, Traci, Jennifer (who shared her childrens’ story), SkinnyLegsAndAll, Lamantia, SpeakForThem (Lisa), BlondeJenn, and My2Labs. (As you can see, we have several stories from members who share the same first names. And sorry if I’ve missed anyone out in this “thank you” note – if I have, it was not intentional).

Hugs to you all,