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C.Diff. Survivors Forum

Hi Everyone,

We now have a forum! This makes chatting easier, organizing our information easier, and you can also pm (private message) other members. Our forum address is:




We’re open for business! Hopefully many C.Diff. survivors will find us and we can all support each other. I’ve created several categories on our forum to help organize our information.

If you feel comfortable with it, I’d appreciate it if anyone who has posted their C.Diff. story here on my blog, would copy the text from here and paste it into a new post under the “Our C.Diff. Stories” category on the forum. If you’ve posted helpful links, there is a category for those too! Moving all of the information we’ve collected together from this blog site to the forum would take a long time if I tried to do it all myself, so a little help would be much appreciated, if you’re able. Thanks everyone!

Lady P