Scared of Relapse

Really, really worried I’m relapsing. Have had D for two weeks, and seems to be slowly getting worse. Only seem to have it about 3-6 times per day, so not 20-25, like when my last CDiff bout was at its worst. Getting massive headaches, though, which is what the CDiff toxins to do my head. Really worried. Have an appointment tomorrow with a new doctor – going to ask for a CDiff test kit. Please, god, let it be giardia or a flu or something…


5 thoughts on “Scared of Relapse

    1. Yes, sorry for the wait – no relapse!!!! Things have been crazy around here, though – my sister sustained another concussion when she had a fall, and my mother ended up in the hospital having emergency surgery on her kidneys. At the same time, my grandfather came for a visit from the other side of the country. I’ve been crazy-busy!!!

  1. Glad to hear you aren’t relapsing. My teenage son is just getting over C Diff Colitis and we’re praying he doesn’t have a relapse. It’s some scary stuff. Stay well and I hope everyone else will feel better soon.

  2. Well I am New at this game,and will give You My Info. I was diagnosed with C-Diff a week ago,spent 4 days in hospital.They entered,Flaygl,and Vancomyacin Liquid,and it seems to be responding.Taking Aquaflora,Probiotic,and Praying to not have a return bout.Mine gave me Ten full days and nights,with EXTREME INSOMNIA!!!Prayers to All, MaryW.

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