Anyone Want A Forum?

Hi Everyone,

Since so many people are finding their way to this blog and are finding help (or at least support and reassurance) from others here, I’m considering putting together a forum site for C.Diff. survivors. This would make posting and chatting more organized, and finding and sharing information much easier, and it may help in coordinating our efforts to promote awareness and change. If people are interested, I’ll go ahead and put the site together, so let me know by replying to this post with a “yes” and with any suggestions you might have for the site, such as sections you’d like to see.

Thanks everyone – you’re a really special bunch, you know that? You may not feel it, but you’re all so strong 🙂

Luv Lady P


5 thoughts on “Anyone Want A Forum?

  1. I was looking over your blogs/comments and they are a fabulous help. I know a forum already exists ( ) but it is mostly focused on treatment during bouts of c diff, while you guys seem to be looking more closely at all the manifold problems we are all having after the fact, which would also be useful.

    As a side (joke) note, I totally agree we need more awareness, found this helpful starter:

  2. my husband was diagnosed with cdiff on Saturday, we haven’t kissed since… his case involved diahrea for one week and abdominal cramps and discomfort. he is now taking flagyl every eight hours for ten days! I’m terrified that it will pass to me or one of the six children in my home!- how do I prevent it besides Common sense washing hands allot… can I kiss him :-\ don’t know what to do but I’m very scared!

    1. Hi Anastasia,
      Yes, you can kiss your husband. Maybe not on the mouth, just to be extra-safe, but kissing his cheek or forehead won’t pose any danger, and neither will hugging him. He will need those hugs 🙂

      The way CDiff is passed on is through fecal matter. Fecal matter particles can be very small and can become airborne when we flush the toilet. This makes the bathroom the most dangerous room in your house. If fecal matter escapes the toilet during flushing, it can settle on surfaces up to 10 feet away, like the counter and sink. When someone else touches that surface, and then puts their fingers in their mouth, or rubs their mouth area or something, they may ingest CDiff bacteria.

      So, everyone in your home needs to wash their hands often, with regular soap. The easiest way to make sure your kids wash their hands for long enough, is to tell them to scrub every part of their hands with soap (ie, in between the fingers, under the nails, etc) and not to stop until they have sung the entire “ABC” song in their heads. Singing their “ABC”s takes around 30 seconds, which is about the time it takes to physically rub off most of the bacteria we get on our hands.

      If you have two bathrooms, designate one for your husband, and do not let anyone else go in there for any reason. Tell your husband to use that bathroom only. This eliminates a lot of the risk. If you have only one bathroom, take safety precautions such as: remove all toothbrushes, toothpaste, bath toys, and anything else your children might put in their mouth – everyone can brush their teeth in the kitchen for a while; make sure everyone in your family puts the toilet seat lid down before they flush; wash the toilet, sink, and surrounding areas with a bleach cleaner every day (bleach is the only thing that can kill CDiff); use a liquid soap dispenser, and wash the push-handle of that every day with a bleach cleaner; have one towel for your husband to dry his hands on, and a different towel for the kids. The point here is to keep your kids from coming in contact with CDiff bacteria in the bathroom.

      Also, your husband should not prepare food for them, or handle their dishes, cups, utensils, etc – not even to wash them. Tell him to look at it as getting a couple of weeks off from chores 🙂 These precautions shouuld help to keep everyone healthy. It is very difficult for those of us who have CDiff, because we are very worried about infecting our families. Taking these precautions can put our minds at rest. We have to remember we don’t have the plague, but we do carry a dangerous bacteria, and we have to be responsible about that. It sounds as though your husband has a mild case of CDiff, and once all the symptoms disappear and stay gone for about a week or two after he has finished his entire course of flagyl, you can relax.

      My best to you, your husband, and your family – hugs!


  3. Hi LP,
    Have you or anyone else looked into Thyme oil as a cleaner? It supposedly is THE most antibacterial out there, nothing seems to survive it or mutate to accomodate it. I will look it up as well but thought I would ask .

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