Update November 2012

Hmm, It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Truth be told, I’ve been feeling dreadful. I did the barium swallow, and got another handshake and a “Try to learn to live with it” and a “Good luck with that”. AND NO DIAGNOSIS. And they’re not going to bother with any more tests, because it’s all such a mystery, and the ones they have done have shown that I’m not immediately dying and will probably live, albeit uncomfortably.

And my doctor quit and is moving. I’ve been calling every clinic in town for months now, and not one doctor is taking new patients. I have learned that about 9000 people in a city of 22,000 are currently without doctors. I am now one of the many who have to show up at the emergency room for prescription refills (as we have no walk-in clinics) and endure the glares of unhappy doctors and nurses who would really rather I wasn’t there, clogging up their ER, and endure the well-intentioned but clearly absurd ministrations of  young residents who would like to change my meds, pull me off of some, put me on other new ones, and test me yet again for celiac disease (I’ve tested negative four times, twice by bloodwork, and twice by biopsy).

So I’ve been pretty bummed out. However, there is some good news: I applied to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, and they’d like to see me. The bad news, is that I now have to beg and borrow thousands of dollars (as I’m still unable to work) to actually go there for diagnosis and treatment. I’m hoping for a miracle.

If said miracle occurs and I’m able to go, I do have reason to hope that they’ll be able to help me. They are one of the #1 places in the world to go for abdominal issues, and they’ve been doing research on C. Diff. and its after-effects.

So cross your fingers for me!!!


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