On the Dignity of Trudging…

Trudge: Verb.  To walk slowly with a lot of effort over a difficult surface.

There is dignity in trudging, I believe, mostly because it means you’re still moving and going somewhere despite stacked odds to the contrary – even if you are headed in completely the wrong direction. So I continue to trudge through each day and meal, through the hospital entrance, the door to the doctor’s office, the waiting area of the surgeon. Granted, my trudge is a bit gimpy, maybe a little circuitous at times, but dammit, I still trudge.

Most recently, I trudged through the hospital to have another gastroscopy with biopsies. The biopsies from my stomach and the first few inches of my small intestine came back clear for cancer, Chron’s, and Celiac. This, surprisingly, was a crushing blow. Believe it or not, I was really hoping they’d find something. No, dear reader, I am not a masochist. I am simply tired of tests and procedures and sedatives that make me completely freak out (for no apparent reason) when I wake up (as in a major “i’ve-just-scared-the-living-daylight-out-of-those-little-kids-awaiting-their-dental-surgeries-over-there” freak out).

Thus it is with great relief and much hope that I’d like to introduce a diagnostic test I’ve only just heard of (drumroll please)… The Prometheus IBD sgi Diagnositc. Ta da! I’ll explain it in its own post – read on!



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