A Success!

See these little beauties?

They’re asian pears, and difficult to get one’s hands on up here in the North. But my mother, bless her, found some. I used to eat them all the time years ago, when I lived in more southerly climes, but haven’t had any since I moved to the Yukon. I remembered that they were very mild, and I wanted to give them a try since I’m still trying to find food that doesn’t make me swell up like a balloon. These little gems have been a wonderful success. They sit lightly on the stomach, are not very acidic, not too sweet, and are full of water. If I could live on these alone, I would. But I can’t. But I’m still so in love with them and the fact that they are the one food I have discovered that doesn’t hurt me, I decided to post them, nay – praise them, as a success.


One thought on “A Success!

  1. Nashi’s are yum! I love them! Am growing some right now. But with the C-Diff will probably not be able to eat them. Sob.

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