Week Three

Week three has been…weird. I’ve been experimenting on myself again and have tried eating Paleo for most of the day, and having a little unleavened bread (like a pita) once during the day to see if it helped to control some of the stomach-acid problems I experience, like reflux. Paleo food just doesn’t seem to “soak up” stomach acid very well, and a lot of Paleo food is very acidic in itself. Also, having had a stomach virus for most of the week, meat, eggs and nuts have just not been very appealing and I’ve been having to work hard to get proteins into my body. I’m definitely not getting enough, and I’m really feeling the energy loss.

Soooo, that tells me one thing: the huge increase in protein and good fats that comes with eating Paleo has an equally huge effect on my energy levels and alertness. It appears my brain really likes meat and fats. With this discovery, I have been subjecting my poor sister (who insists on eating strictly vegetarian, and who has epilepsy) to a dietary fat-increase. I’m sneaking olive oil into her food, butter into her sandwiches, and high-fat dairy into her shakes and mochas. I have heard before that studies have found a correlation between a “deficiency” of fat in the brain and diet, and epilepsy. My sister’s epilepsy is so severe, however, it’s difficult to see if any difference is being made, and I suspect any positive changes would only show up after a more long-term dietary increase of fats and omega-3.

As for the swelling issues (this directed towards my C. Diff. survivor friends) there appears to be no rhyme or reason to it this week. All-natural unsweetened applesauce and a glass of water has made me look six-months-pregnant, while a pita wrapped around chicken and cucumber sat very well, thank you. I think there’s some interference going on with the stomach bug, but I’m also wondering about delayed reactions. Usually, I swell directly after eating – it’s a pretty clear cause-and-effect. But I’m beginning to wonder if the swelling that shows up later in the day and evening (when I haven’t eaten) is a delayed reaction to foods still being digested. Very difficult to say. I have an X-ray appointment tomorrow, though I have no idea what that’s supposed to show, if anything. I guess it’s just so the docs can rule out things like gall-stones and kidney-stones and other weird, mineralish items the body likes to grow. If the X-ray comes back clear, I’ve read that the next step would be a CT scan, or top-scope of my stomach, or a barium-swallow and scan, and if those don’t provide any definitive answers, exploratory laparoscopic surgery. Good times!

I’m thinking of experimenting with tincture of White Willow Bark, if I can find any. It’s where aspirin came from, and is a very effective and gentle anti-inflammatory. Worth a shot!


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