Week Two

Okay, I’m getting better at this now. I’m learning to be more creative with my food and to enjoy natural flavours. I’ve always been a deft hand with spices, so that helps. My favourite lunch so far: raw sweet red bell peppers cut into quarters topped with tuna salad. The tuna salad was simply tuna canned in water, mayonnaise that did not contain sugar or soy oil, a little finely chopped green onion, dill, pepper, sea salt, a tiny bit of garlic, and paprika. Very yummy. Also very filling: even though I spread the tuna salad very thinly on the pepper, I was too full to finish the plate. I am noticing that I am not really hungry anymore, except for in the mornings. I’m eating less, feeling fuller, and the sugar and carb cravings have decreased significantly. All this has amounted to my sticking to paleo food except for one meal this week (which was a thin-crust, veggie-laden pizza that nearly killed me).

I still have abdominal swelling and still experience a lot of pain, but it is not quite as bad as before. I still waddle when I walk, and can’t make it to work, though. I think the swelling and pain are the result of the lasting effects of C. Diff. and the fact that I recently had to take antibiotics for a post-surgery sinus infection which undoubtedly messed up my gut flora and allowed the C. Diff. bacteria I still carry to grow.

I’m really hoping this trend towards “bodily deflation” will continue. I have a little more energy than I used to, but have not been able to do any paleo workouts due to the extent of my abdominal swelling. I’m really looking forward to some strong, healthy movement – for now, I’m attempting a few yoga stretches to deal with the body pain that comes from being so swollen and forced into relative immobility. Bridget the dog is finding these hilarious and is attacking my face with sloppy kisses every time I lay down on the floor to stretch. As soon as I’m able, we’re going to sprint together!


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