Week One

Week one of my attempt at paleo living has been…informative. The meals where I eat paleo seem to produce less abdominal swelling and pain than the meals in which I include sugar, potatoes, or grains. I have also discovered that fizzy drinks (even just club soda) are a very bad idea. I am a self-admitted sugar addict, though, so it’s been pretty hard to stick to paleo eating. The sugar cravings are hard-hitting and frequent. And, since week one has taken place over New Year’s Day dinner, I jumped off the paleo wagon and enjoyed the heck out of my stuffing and old-fashioned real-fruit fruitcake with caramel rum sauce. Then I curled up in a ball in my bed and vowed to jump back on the paleo wagon immediately. I’ve jumped off again a few more times when the sugar-cravings proved too much for me, but mostly stuck to my guns.

I have yet to master the paleo breakfast, since my body does not appear to like to digest eggs or other proteins in the morning. My beloved “Special K Honey and Oats” cereal is no more. I have managed to alter my morning tea to fit paleo requirements: I now make it with a very small dollop of honey and splash of heavy cream – I like it even better than the way I used to take it.

Being so close in time to New Year’s Day, I have a lot of home-roasted non-butterball turkey in the fridge and freezer, and my body seems to like that a lot. Due to the fact that my body is pretty unhappy with most meat protein sources (blame the C. Diff.), I’m still eating some dairy, but have switched from fat-free to high-fat. I am using full-fat cheeses and greek yoghurt, as well as heavy cream, and lactose-free 3% milk for cooking. I am also substituting coconut milk for dairy milk in various recipes, which gives them a rich and pleasant flavour.

One of the best things about eating paleo: fresh medjool or honey dates rolled in unsweetened coconut flakes – sooo good!


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