The Adventure Begins…

Who I Am:

I’m a philosopher. No, seriously, I am. What can I say, we all make poor career choices at one time or another. I’m also a crafter and fiber-arts enthusiast (meaning I find crocheting comforting, and feather mobiles satisfyingly fluttery). I am loyal servant and kibble-provider to my canine companion, and recently spent $80 on a dog bed and am not ashamed of it. I have no problem with making my home into a fire-trap by feeding my book addiction. I also covet and collect audiobooks, perfect for those times when covert-novel-reading is required. I live in the far north of Canada, hate cold weather, and try to grow things every summer without much success. I love all things steampunk and like every colour except brown and gray (unless they’re sparkly). I’m nearer to thirty than twenty, but rarely admit to it. I have an extensive collection of children’s books because they make me smile, and not because I have any children to read them to. I am a serial-first-dater: I find myself uncomfortable and bored by the middle of a first date and never call back or answer further emails. I am mostly unaware of my surroundings, in that I notice birds and trees and oddly-shaped clouds much more than I notice people or street signs. This is the cause of my oft-worn expression of bemusement and my best lost-puppy look.

I’m also a C. Diff. survivor. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll post my story soon. Suffice it to say, the life-threatening infection I thought I had beat causes me enough problems one-and-a-half years later to result in constant pain, extreme abdominal swelling, food intolerance, and unemployment. At my wit’s end, I turned to that great and ever-expanding repository of folk-wisdom and pseudo-scientific fact: the internet. The advice so magnanimously given was to try the BRAT diet, the Allergy-Elimination diet, the IBS-friendly diet, the Atkins diet, the Medditerranian diet, the Gluten-Free (or Everything-Is-Gritty) diet, the Vegan diet and the “I’m-So-Frustrated-With-Diets-I’m-Going-To-Eat-Marshmallow-Cookies-For-Every-Meal” diet. Interestingly, none of these worked, which is surprising given that marshmallow cookies always seem like a good idea.

Then I came across the Paleo or Primal diet. I was intrigued to discover that this was not actually a diet: it was a lifestyle, and that people were successfully surviving on it, even liking it. I discovered this way of living and eating during a particularly bad night. In so much pain that I was rocking back and forth and with an abdomen so distend that my skin hurt from stretching, I rued the simple dinner I had eaten of toast and peanut butter and wondered how I was going to maneuver to lay down, much less sleep. While performing my nightly cure-search, I stumbled across a post on a forum by someone who had also survived a severe C. Diff. infection, and found relief from the lasting effects by “eating Paleo.” I was sold. I immediately purchased six books on the topic from Amazon (my usual procedure when enthused by a new discovery) and commenced to live Paleo.

This blog will be a record of my attempts at this lifestyle as well as an understanding ear for those experiencing a life affected by C. Diff. I’ll do my best, record my failures, triumphs and adjustments, and let you know what works for me. There will undoubtedly also be random posts of sheer happiness and blah-ness, depending on my mood. Wish me luck!


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